Elon Musk, the 61-year-old eccentric billionaire tech and auto entrepreneur, is generally considered the most valuable person on the planet. That may sound like hyperbole, but it’s not. In one calculation last year, Forbes pegged Musk’s net worth at $28.5 billion, an amount far above any individual on the planet, and a figure that easily eclipses the most valuable athletes, businessmen, bankers and presidents, even though Musk has done nothing other than create successful technology businesses.

While Musk drives the racecar company of his dreams, SpaceX, he is also at the helm of electric car company Tesla, who has benefited from savvy use of Twitter to stoke excitement about its new products. Musk’s business savvy extends beyond business, too. For years, he has promoted programs and initiatives that seek to spread the use of clean energy across the globe. Indeed, Musk has often spoken about the need to have more engineers and scientists and people working on renewable energy solutions.

Yet Musk has other ideas for how to improve the world. He’s become a celebrity investor in space companies such as SpaceX, spaceflight company SpaceX, and Space X. A big supporter of solar energy technology, Musk is also a co-founder of Solar City, a publicly traded solar panel company, and co-founder and chairman of Solar City’s board.

Though Musk can sometimes seem like a science-fiction character to the uninitiated, it’s not a stretch to say that Musk has had an enormous impact on the global business landscape over the past decade. In his role as CEO of both Space X and Tesla, Musk has rethought how companies develop products, and he’s inspired companies around the world to think about how to do things differently. His work with Space X has led to dramatic reductions in the cost of spaceflight, and in his role at Tesla, he is making an electric car that delivers on consumers’ desire for greater mobility.

Other tech industry leaders have taken note. At a conference in Los Angeles last year, billionaire entrepreneur Larry Page told the crowd about a conversation he had with Musk about starting a company together. “In the same way that, like, I’m into space,” Page said, adding: “Elon thinks a lot about transportation, like me.”

Elon Musk doesn’t just make headlines because of what he does with businesses. His reputation is linked to the products that he creates, because these businesses make their mark on the world. Musk thinks about things differently, thinks globally, and has committed his considerable business mind to making a difference.

When Elon Musk speaks, people listen. Elon Musk is one of the most important people in the business of making things happen.

Elon Musk is a business visionary who, like Nikola Tesla before him, has the ability to envision a better future. These two remarkable men share a belief in the power of innovation, and their work has empowered the world’s business and consumer communities to improve their everyday lives. As innovators in technology and renewable energy, they have altered the course of transportation and made possible the rise of a new world.

Acceptance of AI Widespread Disruption:

Elon Musk is the face of this future. In the case of self-driving vehicles, Musk is being very honest. The disruption is coming, but it isn’t happening soon. Instead of having auto-driving taxis driving around, Musk sees mass adoption of self-driving technology over the next 20 years. And while there will undoubtedly be hurdles, we can accept them. Those hurdles are not fatal. Unlike nuclear fusion, AI doesn’t have to be scaled to the outer regions of the atmosphere to be safe. Once we agree to a quick reduction in AI systems, it doesn’t matter if you agree that some particular AI isn’t safe or that other, non-AI systems aren’t safe.

Elon Musk quotes: Musk says humans have a ‘cool chance’ to prevent AI dominance: Musk says humans have a ‘cool chance’ to prevent AI dominance: In an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Elon Musk predicted that humans have a “cool chance” to prevent artificial intelligence (AI) from becoming a “total domination” of the world. Musk has expressed similar concerns for years. In 2016, he said that if AI systems surpass human capability, humans will only be able to exert “small” control over their actions.

Elon Musk on Trump’s Approval of Broad AI Regulation: “I have considered Mr. Trump a friend, but he has just now started to embrace some of the dangers of AI,” Musk said in an email, according to Axios. “Given AI’s strong potential to be dangerous, I encourage President Trump to make sure that the United States develops a sound regulatory framework to protect both human rights and basic freedoms.”

Tesla’s Musk Sees Broad AI Regulation as Safe Given Humans’ Cool Chance To Prevent It: In a Facebook post, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk expressed his worries about “broad AI regulation” and said that a “scalable regulatory regime” could allow humanity to mitigate the potential threat posed by AI. Musk worries that AI systems are on the brink of having sufficient processing power and data to develop a power of self-perpetuating AI arms race that can pose an existential threat to humanity.

Elon Musk Sees AI As An Unlikely Danger To Civilization At Next Level: Musk’s position on AI has evolved over time. In 2008, Musk said: “We are either going to be super predators or we are going to be superheroes. The risk that the human race loses control of technology and maybe creates super-humans is potentially more dangerous than the risk of a nuclear holocaust.” In 2013, Musk said that AI was more likely to create mankind’s downfall than anything else. More recently, Musk said in May that he sees a “very good chance” that AI could destroy all life on Earth.





Writer, Blogger , Owner of Sparkle Light Website, https://spaarklelight.blogspot.com

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Mansi Mestry

Mansi Mestry

Writer, Blogger , Owner of Sparkle Light Website, https://spaarklelight.blogspot.com

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